Académie Internationale de Préhistoire et Protohistoire


Academic titles

Doctorate in Archaeology (PhD) or equivalent,

Doctoral thesis, habilitation to direct research or equivalent,

Other degrees.

Professional activities

Full professor, associate professor, research director, head of department or research institute in archaeology or chief curator at a museum,

Experience in teaching archaeology (lecturer, reader, research professor, etc.),

Responsibilities in institutions of national academic life (laboratories, universities, scholarly societies, academies, etc.).

Fieldwork activities

Direction or co-direction of long-term large site excavation (at least 10 years).

Academic output

More than 100 publications of original articles in scientific journals as author or co-author,

More than ten publications as scientific editor,

Several books of synthesis or manuals including at least one as single author,

Series editor of books of archaeology,

Presence in editorial committees or scientific committees of a scientific journals,

Participation in PhD thesis examiner panels,

Archaeological mediation activities (book for the general public, documentary film, radio or television programmes, videos, site museums, illustrated books for young people, etc.).

International recognition

Responsibilities in institutions of international academic life (scholarly societies, international scientific bodies, academies, etc.),

Experience as a visiting professor in a foreign university,

Organization of international congresses,

Book translated into another language.

Academic honours